Friday, June 15, 2007

Wizzer D's Forsaken Bastard Corner: Passive Mage

Mages. I'm a mage, and i'm dern proud of it. Ain't noth'n wrong with bein a mage, unless, you are the kind of mage that sits around eating up your own dag nabbit mana and doing little to no damage. I was run'n round in Shadow Fang with a fella 'bout 10 levels over me. Now, all the baddies round these parts were my level or higher. So we recruit some more folks to help out. We ended up with another mage who happened to be 6 levels over me. I thought, "Hey, this scallywag oughta be able to help out fairly well, consider'n how much butt I've been kick'n." No, I was wrong, and I HATE bein wrong. This little no goodnik just sat there cast'n his arcane explosion. My wand was doing more damage than his explosion! I had more magic in my pinky then this sorry excuse for a mage had in his whole spellbook. A mage that doesn't do any damage? Boy howdy, it's like a day without bloodshed. This little rapscallion had to of been PL'd to get that far with his skill. I was ashamed. Kids these days with their "power level'n". When are they gunna learn, if'n you want some respect, you gotta earn it. I swear. I should've challenged that little whiper snapper to a duel. I think I got enough moxy left in the old bones to go toe to toe with a passive agressive mage!

With regards,
Old Wizzer D.

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