Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Well, the deed is done. They've finally made a movie using nothing but game play footage from WoW. And by "they" I mean the extremely talented folks over at

I for one am very excited and mildly jealous that we never thought of it. Well, we can't think of everything. Rest assured, this is going to be an interwebs block buster. It would undoubtedly be a very cool idea if the folks at blizzard showed a live, in game, screening of the movie upon it's release. Now that would be an amazing event. Then after the screening the L70ETC could kick out some l33t jams! THEN blizzard could hand out all kinds of epic gear for S's and G's (shits and giggles) However, I doubt any of that would happen. Here's to hoping!

Anyway, show some love over at Voig, after all, these people are about to fulfill a rather large void in all our lives. Giving us a gift we never knew we wanted!

Tomas Franklin

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