Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dueling: Friendly Competition or Senseless n00b beating?

Here at World of Newscraft, we are well aware of the topic at hand, as it seems to be a right of passage in ones early days in Azeroth. Although an all to common event, we felt as if this topic deserved to be brought to light, as it is often over looked.

Imagine: You've been summoned to serve under whomever you might call master. You report to training as the class of your choice only to be challenged to a duel by an ally. Young and excited to test your might and prove yourself as a great warrior, you neglect to check the strength of your opponent and eagerly accept. The battle begins. The moment you cast your first attack you notice. . . the attack did nothing . . . you freeze, your opponent isn't dressed cool as a fashion statement, no, you've accepted to duel with someone far more leet than you. Once you realize your mistake it's too late. Take a knee.

This reporter decided to get the first hand experience and invited my fellow allies to duel me. My offer was first met by hesitation so I issued the challenge. One, Corporal Mysticdragon, was kind enough to accept. Without hesitation I was greeted with polymorph. As I wandered around contemplating what most sheep do, I couldn't help but feel this feeling of impending doom. Of course, the second the spell wore off, Mysiticdragon was all to quick to dispatch of me. I thanked her for the duel and made my way back to Stormwind. My pride was tucked tightly between my legs.

I learned many things in the span of 5 seconds. My sheepish mind taught me to be a little more cautious when facing danger. My Paladin heart taught me to be a little more humble of my abilities. All in all I learned that no one is to blame for the senseless beating of the casual n00b. If anything, the outcome of the duel can only be the fault of the n00b itself.

So to all n00bs out there, remember to check your opponents stats before stepping into a "friendly" duel with a stranger, and never, EVER, complain when you are pounded into the dust.

From World of Newscraft, this is Dave Davidson signing out!

Only the strong will level!

World of Newscraft

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