Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Summer Fashions: An editorial by Olaf Tightpants

This summer is going to be hot, no doubt about that. We can all thank the gnomes scientific advancement for causing global warming. Regardless, you're going to want to stay cool this summer. If you happen to be a mage, your best bet is going to be the Aldor Regalia. Buff those frost spells while you can. It's gunna be a hot one.

Let's face it. You're a warrior. You hit, hard. Any armor is gunna look on you. I prefer the Warbringer Battlegear, for it's sleek design and little talked about, rust proofing. Remember, you are a warrior. A little rust in the old armor and you just won't be swing'n like you used to.

Unless you want to look like Rowen Hashiba of the Ronin Warriors, I'd avoid the Rift Stalker gear, and head straight for the Demon Stalker Set. That's pretty much all there is to it.

For you druids out there. . .Re-roll. You're always gunna look like a tree or an elk.

And for a simply angelic presence, there is no doubt. You priests are going to want to pick up the new Avatar Raiment. If you happen to be a male preist, good luck finding anything that will really accentuate your manliness. Even your extended catalog of shadow spells can't make you seem any manlier. Ladies, Enjoy! :)

You rouges out there, where ever you may be hiding, we don't see you much but you should
always look your best. You have two choices. You can look like a cheap knock off of the Guyver, or strike fear into the hearts of your prey with the Deathmantle. We highly recommend the fear thing.

Let's face it Lock's, You were made to be scary. Don't downplay your finest feature by settling on lesser armor. The choice is clear and the verdict is in. Corruptor Raiment. If nobody is scared of you in this, you must be a gnome.

Shaman are usually known for their oneness with nature. It's time to toss the old look out and really kick it up a notch. The Cyclone Regalia Should give you a well deserved refinded look yet still be able to save you toosh in a tight spot. I know how much you love nature, but times are changing and you don't want to end up like the druids, do you?

This has been Olaf Tightpants your favorite Fashion Guru.

World of Newscraft
WoW tier 4 5 armor set world of warcraft WoW tier 4 5 armor set world of warcraft
WoW tier 4 5 armor set world of warcraft WoW tier 4 5 armor set world of warcraft
*all images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment and World of Warcraft

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