Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wizzer D's Forsaken Bastard Corner: Shadowfire

That's right youngins. I, the magnificent Wizzer D, have joined a guild. A rather spectacular guild by the name of Shadowfire. Just as I had recovered from the ever so rude surprise attack by that Scarlet vixen, when I was approached by one Omnicorpse. He was following me down the road to Silverpine, no doubt trailing by the effervescent scent of my Bengay. He finally caught my attention and wooed me into joining. Now, normally, I would just brush off any attempts by anyone to talk to me period, especially a young whipper-snapper like Omnicorpse. There was just something about his old timey persistence in the way he pursued me.

I accepted the invite and was promptly greeted. I was tenative at first but the guild grew on me rather quick. So if you happen to be on Sen'Jin and are looking for a mostly serious guild with friendly, helpful members then look up Shadowfire. You can send a tell to Varinis or Omnicorpse for an invite. And there was something I was supposed to say about the greatest Hunter that ever lived, but for the life of me my old, half decomposed, brain just can't remember. I guess you'll just have to ask when you join.

With regards,
Old Wizzer D.

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