Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Behind the Quest: Billy Maclure ( Part 1: The Quest )

As you all may well know, ( at least those with the alliance ) young Billy Maclure has been an intricate part of your early days in Azeroth. But what do you really know about Billy Maclure? This reporter dug deeper to find the truth behind this meat pie menace.

It all starts with a lost necklace. One sweet "Auntie" Bernice Stonefield has lost a precious bejeweled necklace, and she thinks she knows who did it. This poor widow points you in the direction of a menace known as Billy Maclure. From Bernice's trustworthy suspicions, he doesn't seem to be a very reputable character. You make your way over to the Maclure vineyards in hopes to retrieve this poor woman's necklace. This is where it all starts.

I arrived at the Maclure Vineyard with nothing but disdain for young Billy, as I tried to remain as objective as possible. I spoke with Billy regarding the necklace but he didn't seem to have any information. I, initially, felt bad for judging him. He said he may remember who had the necklace then he asked me to have Bernice bake him some Pork Belly Pies to jog his memory. I hesitated, thinking this was just a scam, but then remembered how hard it is to think on an empty stomach. I humbly accepted.

I ran about for neigh an hour, killing boar after boar. Finally I found 4 usable pieces of decent boar meat. I swiftly returned to Aunt Bernice. She said she would make me the pies but would not let go of her suspicion that young Billy was behind all this. I, on the other hand, was still trying my hardest to stay neutral in this endeavor. After Aunt Bernice finished my pies, I was off.

I rushed back over the the Maclure Vineyards to find Billy wide eyed over the meat pies. He took them from me and gobbled a few down. I had to interrupt him, mid-chew, to inquire about the necklace. He said I could find it in the possession of a large, gold-toothed Kobold. I took off to the Fargodeep mine, it was notorious for it massive Kobold populous. Yet there was something in the way he said it that made me ever suspicious. I had no time for doubts though, I had a widow's necklace to retrieve.

I fought my way through the mines, laying to waste Kobold after Kobold. I would stop, only to heal myself and recharge lost mana. Then, after defeating countless foes in a maze of bloodshed, I saw him. Gold Tooth, it was a triumphant moment, and I drank it in like blended Pork Belly Pie! Gold Tooth and I stood face to face, locked in intense stare. His gaze was white hot and my sword was as sharp as a Marshfang Slicer Blade. I motioned. . .He charged. With each slice, each blow, each cut and scrape, my victory drew closer. I was fueled by the passion of a distressed widow, drowning in the loss of an epic sentiment. Finally, my hard work had paid off. As Gold Tooth lie there I searched his pockets only to find that young Billy Maclure's story held up. The necklace was safe and en route to it's rightful owner.

I returned to Bernice with the necklace safe in hand and when I arrived she was ever great full. We said our good byes, I took my reward, then took my leave. But the story doesn't end there. This is where it all begins. With Billy's ever too convenient knowledge of the Gold Tooth, my mind was a flurry. There was work to do.

. . .To Be Continued. . .

Dave Davidson

World of Newscraft

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