Saturday, June 9, 2007

Olaf Tightpants: Candid Fashions

Hallo kiddies. Welcome to Candid Fashions, my name is Olaf Tightpants. I hope you all enjoyed my review of the new tier sets, I know I did. You probably have been wandering, "Hey Olaf, What do you do in your free time while you are waiting to tell me which tier sets looks best because I don't know as much about fashion as you and could never decide on my own?" Good question. It's simple. When I'm out defeating numerous foes, I always have one eye on the latest fashion trends. This means, that if you happen to come trouncing by whilst I am in the heat of battle, AND you happen to be wearing the same outfit as me. Well, you will probably be the subject of a photo and horrible tongue lashing on my candid fashions segment. No one takes the spotlight away from Olaf when it comes to fashion. Rule one: If Olaf is wearing it, then ONLY Olaf knows how to really WEAR it.

Today in Candid Fashions I found a couple of do's and don'ts of fashion. Let's have a look shall we? Yes... the answer is yes we shall. Come.

First, our fashion do! This young vixen is sporting a classic ensemble. Normally I would push for something a little more modern but she pulls it off quite nicely. It must be her bone structure. That girlish figure, she can't weigh more than 50 pounds. I would kill for a figure like that. This is beside the point. It classic, it's chic, it's in. But who knows how long it will be "in". I do, and I'm not telling.

And here we have a fine specimen of fashion failure. This medley of color and curve leaves my one eye sobbing in a pit of despair, whilst my other eye searches frantically though the depth of it's soul for a metaphorical razor blade with witch it can cut it's tiny little eyeball wrists. How tragic. It looks like a clown and a cow got in a head on collision, made love, had a baby, later found out that they were brother and sister, which is why the baby came out mutated and now the baby lives in a cave in the middle of nowhere hunting disenfranchised passers by. I weep. But only one tear.

So for all you fashion n00bs out there. Keep this tip in mind. If I haven't told you it looks good, then you should probably set it on fire and never think about wearing it again.

This has been Olaf Tightpants, your favorite Fashion Guru.

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*all images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment and World of Warcraft

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